Hue Help ringrazia Il Sogno di Lan

Pubblichiamo un’estratto della lettera di ringraziamento che l’associazione Hue Help ci ha scritto per il nostro contributo al progetto “Swimming for safety” .


Dear Il Sogno di Lan,
On behalf of everyone at Hue Help, I would like to say thank you for your generous support of our Swimming for Safety initiative in 2017.
In Vietnam, drowning is a leading cause of death. Vietnam has the highest rate of drowning of any country in South-East Asia. Official government estimates are 9 children per day, but the reality is likely to be a lot higher.
Working with the Department of Education, we will use the funds you have supported to help train school teachers as swimming teachers
through providing technical support and funding for one school. This year, with the support of your funds,
we will help the Department of Education and Training train 20 teachers from 5 schools to train approximately 500 children how to swim directly this year.
In addition to the direct impact this year, these teachers will have the skills and knowledge to teach the children in their school in years to come.